Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager

The Edmonton Transit System is a division of the City of Edmonton’s Transportation Department. Edmonton Transit System (ETS) operates a variety of public transportation services including buses, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Disabled Adult Transportation Services (DATS). This includes planning bus routes and schedules, operation of buses and LRT equipment, marketing and charter services. Edmonton Transit also operates Park & Ride services for special events, including football games, and major concerts.

Edmonton Transit’s fleet encompasses over 900 buses and 74 LRT vehicles. The system covers more than 180 routes with 13 LRT stations. Edmonton Transit has five operating garages (including a LRT and DATS facility), and a customer service centre located in Churchill Station. Fleet Services Branch performs fleet maintenance in four centres, and one heavy repair facility.

Trip Planner III Project!

The primary objective of the Trip Planner III Project was to gather investment gate, business requirements for an estimated $350,000.00 enhancement to the trip planner application located at the City of Edmonton web portal.

ETS Trip Planner

The Information Technology Branch (ITB), Stage Gate Methodology included the Concept, Investment, Design, Implementation, Post Implementation and Post Project Evaluation gates. The platform was MS .Net Framework and future technologies may include Google Maps utilizing spatial data. Continue reading