Quality Assurance Analyst

The Ministry of Housing and Social Development is a provincial government agency that provides assistance to British Columbian in need of social services and housing.

System Services Division, Quality Assurance

Financial Management Information System (FMIS) and Social Workers System (SWS)

Responsiblilities included administation of a disciplined quality assurance and implementation process, including enforcement of quality standards and guidelines for application development, project deliverables and detailed implementation and conversion plans to ensure that quality end-solutions were migrated to production environments for the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) and Social Workers System (SWS).


  • Reviewed developer’s test cases to determine whether sufficient unit and system testing had been completed in order to promote changes and releases with confidence to mainframe environments, then compiled PL/I code and migrated the source code from test to production environments.
  • Provided weekly summary of all Information Technology projects within the provincial government’s, Systems Services Division and produced a monthly Project Management, gantt chart.