Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager

MAKE Technologies, Inc is a leading global provider of transformational legacy system modernization software and services. Transformation Legacy Methodology (TLM) is a methodology that empowers Make’s partners and customers to successfully modernize and maintain their mission critical IT systems with significantly less risk, time, and cost (TCO).

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., MAKE Technologies has guided organizations with proven methodology and tools to help their customers innovate and create agile solutions to support their customers’ demand for results, and ultimately reduce costs and increase productivity. The MAKE brand is a trusted name in enterprise legacy modernization with global service providers. Make Technologies’ Enterprise Partnerships include leading technology companies but not limited to IBM, GlobalLogic, SAIC and Oracle.

TLM Method Update Project

The TLM Method Update Project was initiated to update the TLM methodology, to document the current state (As-Is) of processes and tools that have been developed while executing the method and to elicit requirements for the future state (To-Be). Continue reading