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Client Overview: Lead Business Analyst

As a nationally recognized tire dealer in Canada, Fountain Tire offers a wide range of car, truck, and trailer tires, as well as complete automotive services, for any make and model of vehicle.

First started in 1956 in Wainwright, Alberta, by Bill Fountain, Fountain Tire expertly combines key factors such as experienced owners, licensed automotive technicians, and quality products to form a company driven to serve. Today, it has over 140 stores spanning as far west as Victoria, British Columbia and as far east as Thunder Bay, Ontario.

End of Day / End of Month Project!

The primary objective of the End of Day / End of Month Project (Business Process Re-Engineering) was to identify functional processes and document procedures to facilitate the streamlining of Fountain Tire’s, Financial Charges and Customer Statement processes. View full article »


Client Overview: Business Analyst

Telus (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a national telecommunications company in Canada that provides a wide range of communications products and services including data, Internet protocol (IP), voice, entertainment, and video. The company is based in Burnaby, British Columbia. Telus utilizes CDMA 2000, IDEN, and HSPA+-based mobility phone networks.

Telus Communications

  1. Telus Communications (Alberta) was created in 1990 by the government of Alberta as a holding company in order to facilitate the privatization of a crown corporation, the Alberta Government Telephones Commission (AGT).
  2. In 1995, it acquired Edmonton Telephones (Ed Tel) from the City of Edmonton making Telus the owner of all telephone service in the province.
  3. In 1996, Telus was introduced to the public as the consumer brand, replacing AGT and EdTel.
  4. In 1999, Telus Corporation was created by the merger of Telus (Alberta) and BCTel with the new entity retaining the Telus name. As a result of the merger Telus became Canada’s second largest telcom with 22% of market share compared to Bell Canada’s 42%.

Telus Mobility, a public company, is one of Canada’s leading telecommunication companies that operates specialized mobile radio wireless communication networks.

Acquisition of Clearnet

  1. In the 1999/2000 period Telus acquired through merger the high performing Clearnet Communications, a cellular company that was based in Scarborough (Toronto) Ontario, which gave it foothold in the highly competitive central Canadian market (Ontario, Quebec).
  2. The company had its origins in nearby Pickering and was by 1997 outperforming the other Toronto/Ontario based cellular companies through its easily accessible product (the actual phone sold in various stores) and its high tech marketing strategy of its time, that emphasized uncluttered simplicity and a bright future outlook through its nature and animals motifs.

Fusion West Project! (Billing System Merger)

The Fusion West Project was iniated to merge billing system functionality of the K2 Billing System (Telus BC) with the KNOWbility Billing System (Telus AB) in anticipation of further development of the Oracle, EDW by Telus Mobility East, Toronto, Ontario. View full article »

Client Overview: Business Systems Analyst

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial Crown corporation established in 1973 to provide universal auto insurance to B.C. motorists. They are also responsible for driver licensing, and vehicle licensing and registration.

Source Data Quality Project!

The Source Data Quality Project was a sub-project of the Crime, Crash, Contravention and Corporate Data Warehouse projects.

  • The primary objective was to investigate issues and analyze data to identify the root cause of data quality issues and drive practical solutions to root causes to address problems.

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Client Overview: Business Analyst

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial Crown corporation established in 1973 to provide universal auto insurance to B.C. motorists. They are also responsible for driver licensing, and vehicle licensing and registration.

Intersection Safety Camera Program!

The primary objective of the I.C.B.C., Intersection Safety Camera Program was to gather business requirements for an estimated $13,800,000.00 project with the plan to rotate 30 red light cameras and deploy decoy units at 120 provincial and municipal intersections.

  • A team of two business analysts were engaged to jointly facilitate the JAD sessions and elicit requirements, determine business rules and obtain consensus with all participants to ensure a shared understanding.

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Client Overview: Data Analyst

Alcatel-Lucent is a global telecommunications corporation, headquartered in the 7th arrondissement (one of the 20 arrondissements administrative districts) of Paris, France. It provides telecommunications solutions to service providers, enterprises and governments around the world, enabling these customers to deliver voice, data and video services.

The company focuses on fixed, mobile, and converged broadband networking hardware, IP technologies, software, and services. It leverages the technical and scientific expertise of Bell Labs, one of the largest innovation and R&D houses in the communications industry. Alcatel-Lucent has operations in more than 130 countries, including Alcatel – Lucent Canada.

Jubilee Line Extension Project!

  • Participated in development of the train control system for the Jubilee Line Extension Project of the London Underground (the Tube) as the data coordinator to gather data requirements for C++ development.

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Client Overview:

The Ministry of Housing and Social Development is a provincial government agency that provides assistance to British Columbian in need of social services and housing.

System Services Division, Quality Assurance

Financial Management Information System (FMIS) and Social Workers System (SWS)

Responsiblilities included administation of a disciplined quality assurance and implementation process, including enforcement of quality standards and guidelines for application development, project deliverables and detailed implementation and conversion plans to ensure that quality end-solutions were migrated to production environments for the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) and Social Workers System (SWS). View full article »

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